HIGH FIDELITY 'Hills of Home'

HIGH FIDELITY 'Hills of Home'

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Many folks remember the great bluegrass records from the 1950s and ‘60s. The power and soul of that music has won the hearts of people across the globe. Few bands have come along in recent years that directly draw their influence from that classic era of the music’s history. High Fidelity is a rising group whose love and devotion to that music is unsurpassed. The name alone says it all: HIGH FIDELITY. How many record albums have you seen from the‘50s and‘60s that bear those words? Herein lies the heart of what this group of young performers is all about.

High Fidelity draws much of their inspiration from bands like Don Reno & Red Smiley, The Stanley Brothers, The Louvin Brothers, Jim & Jesse, and a host of lesser known regional artists from the same era. Many have described them as the new Johnson Mountain Boys, interpreting classic era bluegrass through the fresh, young perspective of today’s generation. Maybe it is this quality that makes High Fidelity so warmly received and widely loved by every audience they perform for – both by the grandparents and the grandchildren.



Track Listing:

  • My Saviour's Train
  • The Leaf Of Love
  • The Hills And Home
  • My Mother's White Rose
  • Follow The Leader
  • I've Changed My Mind
  • I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
  • I Will Always Be Waiting For You
  • Maple On The Hill
  • I Would Not Be Denied
  • Gotta Get You Near Me Blues
  • He's Passing This Way
  • Grey Eagle
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken?