NORA BROWN 'Cinnamon Tree' JAL-001-LP

NORA BROWN 'Cinnamon Tree' JAL-001-LP

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Limited Edititon

“[In her playing,] an intense involvement is revealed as the music appears to wash over her. She sings of experiences way beyond her years, old songs from Appalachian sources, stories that reflect a more difficult way of life.” – John Cohen

"Nora Brown, Brooklyn’s 14-years old prodigy, displays her already substantial chops on the eleven traditional tunes and ballads that comprise Cinnamon Tree, produced by Alice Gerrard. The young woman from the big city offers remarkable authenticity in singing and playing, including a fretless banjo sound with frets, the result of spending time in eastern Kentucky learning directly from such masters as George Gibson and Lee Sexton. Brown, who has also done a TED Talk already, proves her ability to play several eastern Kentucky banjo styles. How her sound evolves from this solid foundation should be fun to hear."- Art Menius