IRENE KELLEY 'Benny's TV Repair'   MFR-190510-CD

IRENE KELLEY 'Benny's TV Repair' MFR-190510-CD

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Irene Kelley has attained such stature as a songwriter that it obscures what an outstanding vocalist she is. Benny’s TV Repair showcases both aspects of her considerable talent. Kelley co-wrote all the titles with a series of noted accomplices ranging from Ronnie Bowman, Jerry Salley, and Billy Smith to studio electric guitar legend Steve Cropper, who adds his playing to “Anything to Help You Say Goodbye.” With Stuart Duncan, Adam Steffey, and Bryan Sutton playing and a plethora of guest vocalists from Dale Ann Bradley to Carl Jackson, Benny’s TV Repair could be THE contemporary bluegrass album of 2019.


Track Listing:

  • Something About A Train Sound
  • Bluegrass Radio
  • Cabbage Head
  • Thunderbird
  • Out Of Arkansas
  • Benny's TV Repair
  • Highway Back to You
  • Anything To Help You Say Goodbye
  • Hills of Home
  • Faster Than Angels Could Fly
  • Walk With Me Today