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As the notes to this record state, "a new generation has taken up Appalachian old-time music, playing it with a passion". That is surely a fact, and a lot of the credit goes to people like the late Ray Alden, who we believe coined the phrase The Young Fogies. Apart from the better known old-time practitioners like Bruce Molsky, Brad Leftwich, Dirk Powell, John Hermann, Rayna Gellert, Riley Baugus and Kirk Sutphin, it is clear that there is a significant number of musicians scattered around the country whose names we don't yet recognize, but who are competent, enthusiastic lovers and players of the music. Most of the pickers & singers on this excellent album are living in the Southeast or have roots there in Kentucky, North Carolina, West Virginia and Southwest Virginia in particular. There are 25 songs and tunes here, and apart from a few weak vocals, the music is all quite good. Especially nice are the renditions of ARKANSAS TRAVELER, FLATWOODS (solo fiddling with feet), HOOK & LINE, DOUBLE FILE, SUSANNA GAL and ASK THAT PRETTY GIRL TO BE MY WIFE. There are almost as many musicians as there are tunes, and the 24-page booklet spends most of its words telling about the pickers' backgrounds and occupations, rather than discussing the tunes (most of which are standard fare). Many of today's old time musicians come from the Pacific Northwest and the Asheville, N.C. area: this fine album shows that there is a substantial similar movement in Kentucky as well. Some of the artists here are Emily Schaad & Mark Freed, Sarah Wood, Brett Ratliff, Nikos Pappas, Rosie Newton, and Nick McMillian.


1) REUBEN'S TRAIN - Nick McMillian and Kelley Breiding

2) ARKANSAS TRAVELER - Emily Schaad and Mark Freed

3) JUBILEE - Brett Ratliff

4) GIVE THE FIDDLER A DRAM - Andy FitzGibbon

5) MILWAUKEE BLUES - Nikos Pappas, Seth Folsom, and Jesse Wells

6) LONDON'S BRIDGE - Elizabeth LaPrelle

7) RAINBOW SIGN - The Buckstankle Boys

8) ASK THAT PRETTY GIRL TO BE MY WIFE - Mary Jane Epps, Joseph Decosimo, Ben Nelson, and Pan Riggs

9) SHE AIN'T NO GOOD - Hannah Johnson and Aviva Speigneyer

10) FLATWOODS - Julie and Adrian Shepherd-Powell

11) WONDROUS LOVE - Sarah Wood

12) SALLY IN THE GARDEN - Jesse Wells

13) HOOK AND LINE - John Haywood

14) BULLY OF THE TOWN - Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes

15) SHANGHAI - Andy FitzGibbon

16) AND THE CAT CAME BACK - Don Rogers and Anna Roberts-Gevalt

17) BROTHER GREEN - Brett Ratliff

18) DOUBLE FILE - Rosie Newton, Sarah Jamison, Andrew Norcross, and Joseph DeJarnette

19) WHITE OAK MOUNTAIN - Karly Higgins and Sarah Wood

20) HOP HIGH LADIES - Emily Schaad and Mark Freed

21) HOMETOWN BLUES - Nikos Pappas, Seth Folsom, and Jesse Wells

22) SUSANNA GAL - Nick McMillian and Kelley Breiding

23) JAY GOLD'S DAUGHTER - John Haywood

24) CACKLIN' HEN - The Buckstankle Boys

25) TUMBLING TUMBLEWEED - Hannah Johnson and Aviva Speigneyer