HIGH FIDELITY 'Banjo Player's Blues' REB-1874-CD

HIGH FIDELITY 'Banjo Player's Blues' REB-1874-CD

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Banjo Player’s Blues represents a significant step forward for High Fidelity, full of new things and “firsts.” Bassist Vickie Vaughn and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Amick are both featured singing on a High Fidelity record for the first time, with one full gospel quartet featuring them both (“His Charming Love”) and also a solo from Vickie with Jeremy Stephens and Corrina Rose Logston singing harmony on the chorus (“Dear God”). More banjos are present with the addition of the tenor banjo on “Feudin’ Banjos,” and twin banjos – performed by Stephens and Kurt Stephenson – were utilized on three songs. And for the first time, High Fidelity has included a special guest on a recording, with Grand Ole Opry member Jesse McReynolds playing and singing on “Tears of Regret.” All of these things have come about as High Fidelity digs further into its collective musical identity.

Track list:

1. Old Home Place 2:27

2. You Made The Break 2:52

3. The South Bound Train 2:48

4. His Charming Love 2:39

5. Tears of Regret (Featuring Jesse McReynolds) 2:55

6. Turkey In The Straw 2:48

7. The Picture On The Wall 3:02

8. Banjo Player’s Blues 2:05

9. Dear God 3:05

10. Feudin’ Banjos 2:04

11. Helen 2:29

12. Take My Ring From Your Finger 2:34

13. Got A Little Light 2:44