WESTERN CENTURIES 'Songs from the Deluge'    DIRT-0086-CD

WESTERN CENTURIES 'Songs from the Deluge' DIRT-0086-CD

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WithÊSongs from the Deluge, honky-tonk supergroupÊWestern CenturiesÊbrings country music home to its eclectic and unpretentious origins. Recorded and co-produced by acclaimed Cajun musician and Grammy-winning producerÊJoel SavoyÊat his Eunice, LA studio, this fresh set of songsÊspans psychedelia, boogie-woogie, and quixotic tales of love. The carefully honed sound is supported by the bandÕs signature literary approach to lyricism.ÊThroughout the album's 12 songs,ÊWestern CenturiesÕ three songwriters (Ethan LawtonCahalen MorrisonJim Miller) traverse vastly differing geographiesÑthe city, the Southwest, the metaphysicalÑand weave together a tapestry of Western music without sacrificing their hard-earned country dancehall sound. Indeed,ÊSongs from the DelugeÊharmonizes three distinct songwriting voices into a sound that pulls fromÊthe great expanse of American music:ÊDelta blues, Appalachian string band music, Texas fiddle traditions, cowboy songs.ÊThis record will levitate heavy hearts, turn spilled beer into ballads,Êand reclaim the multifaceted roots of country.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Far From Home (3:52)
  • 2. Earthly Justice (4:04)
  • 3. Wild Birds (4:25)
  • 4. Wild You Run (4:33)
  • 5. Rocks and Flame (3:44)
  • 6. Own Private Honky Tonk (3:39)
  • 7. Cloud of Woes (3:34)
  • 8. Borrow Time (4:07)
  • 9. How Many More Miles to Babylon (4:31)
  • 10. Time Does the Rest (4:03)
  • 11. Three Swallows (4:58)
  • 12. Warm Guns (4:56)