BLUEGRASS REUNION 'Bluegrass Reunion Deluxe Edition' ACD-90-CD

BLUEGRASS REUNION 'Bluegrass Reunion Deluxe Edition' ACD-90-CD

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If the Bluegrass Album began a decade or so of second generation stars recording the music of the first generation, then Bluegrass Reunion marked its powerful conclusion in 1991. Most importantly, Bluegrass Reunion surrounded the great Red Allen with the towering talent he deserved. David Grisman, whom Allen gave his start, joined Herb Pederson, Jim Buchanan, and Jim Kerwin in the core band. Deluxe Edition adds one previously unreleased song with Vassar Clements’ fiddle and doubles the number of songs with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead on vocals to four.


1. Back Up and Push (Theme)
  2. She's No Angel
  3. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out Of Jail
  4. The Fields Have Turned Brown
  5. To Love and Live Together
  6. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome
  7. Pidgeon Roost
  8. Down Where the River Bends
  9. Love Please Come Home
10. Letter From My Darlin
11. Is This My Destiny?
12. Ashes of Love
13. Is it Too Late Now?
14. Little Maggie
15. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
16. Back Up and Push (Theme)
17. On and On
18. The Fields Have Turned Brown