VARIOUS 'Best of King and Starday Bluegrass 4CD Boxset' GUSTO-2188-CD

VARIOUS 'Best of King and Starday Bluegrass 4CD Boxset' GUSTO-2188-CD

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4 CD set!

Track list:

Disc One
1-1 –J. E. Mainer Big Ball's In Town
1-2 –J. E. Mainer Gathering Flowers From The Hillside
1-3 –Tommy Magness When I Safely Reach That Other Shore
1-4 –Tommy Magness Little Country Preacher
1-5 –Tommy Magness Wings Of Faith
1-6 –Tommy Magness Jesus Will Save Your Soul
1-7 –Shannon Grayson Let Me Travel Alone
1-8 –Shannon Grayson Since His Sweet Love Has Rescued Me
1-9 –Shannon Grayson I'm Gonna Walk On
1-10 –Jimmy Martin - Bob Osborne* My Lonely Heart
1-11 –Jimmy Martin - Bob Osborne* She's Just A Cute Thing
1-12 –Jimmy Martin - Bob Osborne* Blue Eyed Darling
1-13 –Jimmy Martin - Bob Osborne* You'll Never Be The Same
1-14 –Wade Mainer Little Birdie
1-15 –Wade Mainer The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
1-16 –Wade Mainer That Star Belongs To Me
1-17 –Mac O'Dell* Let's Pray
1-18 –Mac O'Dell* Be On Time
1-19 –Mac O'Dell* When The Hand Of God Comes Down
1-20 –Mac O'Dell* Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
1-21 –Leon Jackson (3) Love Please Come Home
1-22 –Leon Jackson (3) Go Find Another Man
1-23 –Leon Jackson (3) So Goes My Heart
1-24 –Leon Jackson (3) This Heart's Been Broken Before

Disc Two
2-1 –The Stanley Brothers How Mountain Girls Can Love
2-2 –The Stanley Brothers Clinch Mountain Backstep
2-3 –The Stanley Brothers Train 45
2-4 –The Stanley Brothers Think Of What You've Done
2-5 –The Easter Brothers There's Rest Just Ahead
2-6 –The Easter Brothers Singing With The Angels
2-7 –The Easter Brothers Bible On The Table
2-8 –The Easter Brothers John Saw The Kingdom
2-9 –Reno & Smiley* Down On The Farm
2-10 –Reno & Smiley* Love Please Come Home
2-11 –Reno & Smiley* Bringin' In The Georgia Mail
2-12 –Bill Duncan (3) Country Home
2-13 –Bill Duncan (3) Slippin' Banjo
2-14 –Bill Duncan (3) Just Being You
2-15 –Bill Duncan (3) Daisies Never Tell
2-16 –Charlie Moore & Bill Napier* Whitrock
2-17 –Charlie Moore & Bill Napier* I'm Giving You Your Freedom
2-18 –Charlie Moore & Bill Napier* Goodbye And So Long To You
2-19 –Charlie Moore & Bill Napier* Barbara Allen
2-20 –Reno & Harrell Big Train
2-21 –Reno & Harrell Just A Phone Call Will Do
2-22 –Reno & Harrell Welcome Home
2-23 –Ralph Stanley Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures
2-24 –Ralph Stanley Over The Sunset Hill
2-25 –Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys* I Only Exist
2-26 –Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys* Coosey

Disc Three
3-1 –The Lewis Family Over In The Gloryland
3-2 –The Lewis Family He Knew Just What To Do
3-3 –Flatt Mountain Boys Choo Choo Coming
3-4 –Flatt Mountain Boys I Could Love You All The Time
3-5 –The Wright Brothers (9) What Can I Do
3-6 –The Wright Brothers (9) Carolina Mountain Home
3-7 –Bill & Mary Reid Down In The Valley
3-8 –Bill & Mary Reid I Want To Be Wanted
3-9 –Jim Eanes Blue Sunday
3-10 –Jim Eanes Orchids Of Love
3-11 –Buzz Busby Cold And Windy Night
3-12 –Buzz Busby Reno Bound
3-13 –Bill Harrell A Heart Never Knows
3-14 –Bill Harrell Eatin' Out Of Your Hand
3-15 –Kentucky Travelers Dreaming
3-16 –Kentucky Travelers When You're Out Of My Arms
3-17 –The Stanley Brothers Highway Of Regret
3-18 –The Stanley Brothers A Little At A Time
3-19 –Charlie Moore No Grave's Gonna Keep This Soul Of Mine
3-20 –Charlie Moore Why Is Mother Buried (In A Grave So Deep)
3-21 –Jim & Jesse I'm Changing The Words To My Love Song
3-22 –Jim & Jesse I'll Love Nobody But You
3-23 –Red Ellis - Jimmie Williams* Backslider
3-24 –Red Ellis - Jimmie Williams* I Saw The Angels In Heaven
3-25 –Connie & Joe Toil, Tears And Trouble
3-26 –Connie & Joe Home Is Where The Heart Is

Disc Four
4-1 –Carl Story Hiding Place
4-2 –Carl Story Cabin In Glory
4-3 –Bill Clifton Give Me Your Love
4-4 –Bill Clifton Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia
4-5 –Vern & Ray Cabin On A Mountain
4-6 –Vern & Ray Carroll County Breakdown
4-7 –Lonesome Pine Fiddlers* I'm All Alone
4-8 –Lonesome Pine Fiddlers* Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do
4-9 –Red Allen (2) Trouble Round My Door
4-10 –Red Allen (2) Will The Circle Be Unbroken
4-11 –Country Gentlemen* Silence Or Tears
4-12 –Country Gentlemen* Down Where The Still Waters Flow
4-13 –Hylo Brown Hills Of Georgia
4-14 –Hylo Brown Sad Prison Song
4-15 –The Stoneman Family That Pal Of Mine
4-16 –The Stoneman Family Talking Fiddle Blues
4-17 –Larry Sparks You Could Have Called
4-18 –Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers* Goodbye Little Darlin'
4-19 –Charlie Moore Lorena Go Home
4-20 –Charlie Moore Your Letter
4-21 –II Generation All The Good Times Are Passed And Gone
4-22 –II Generation Silence Of Tears
4-23 –New Grass Revival I Wish I Said (I Love You One More Time)
4-24 –New Grass Revival Lonesome Fiddle Blues