VARIOUS '38th Annual Old Fiddler's Convention at Galax, VA' - LP

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Raymond Pendleton Pretty Polly 2:47
Joe Edd King Rachel 3:35
Jimmie Kidd Maidens Prayer 2:14
The New Grass Express Many A Mile 1:48
The Camp Creek Boys Mississippi Sawyer 2:52
Ted Lundy Cluck Old Hen 1:06
Wayne Erbsen Oh Them Golden Slippers 2:07
Dempsey Young Medley 1:26
Mike McPeak Mary Of The Wild Moor 3:14
Space City String Band Sally Ann 3:21
The Free State Ramblers 8th Of January 2:50
Larry McPeak Sweet Sunny South 1:31
Tim Smith (32) Black Mountain Rag 1:46
Wayne Henderson (3) Rose Wood Casket 1:34
The High County Ramblers Seneca Mt. Break Down 3:07
The Smokey Valley Boys (2) Richmond 1:47
Larry Pennington Cumberland Gap 1:23
Buck Perry Sally Ann 1:16
Mike Casstevens Gold Rush 1:24
Rye Straw Chitickers Robinson County 1:50
Swamp Root String Band Whiskey Before Breakfast 3:03
Country Capers Legend Of The Rebel Soldier 2:33
New Virginia Grass Orange Blossom Special 3:43