LARRY SPARKS 'New Moon Over My Shoulder'  REB-1870-CD

LARRY SPARKS 'New Moon Over My Shoulder' REB-1870-CD

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Rebel Records is thrilled to announce the release of Larry Sparks' first studio album in five years, New Moon Over My Shoulder (REB-1870)! The album, his seventeenth with Rebel, commemorates fifty years of Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers' enduring impact on traditional bluegrass music and features his distinctive voice and unique bluesy guitar work that earned him induction into the IBMA Hall of Fame.
Larry Sparks formed the Lonesome Ramblers in 1969 after a successful three-year run as the lead singer for Ralph Stanley. A nod to Larry’s former boss can be found in an updated reworking of the song “I Only Exist,” arguably one of the best numbers he cut during his tenure with Stanley. The new disc also contains fine examples of classic country songs that sparkle under the glow of the Lonesome Rambler treatment. “Down in Union County” is a seldom-heard Roy Acuff – "The King of Country Music" – staple that dates back to the late 1930s while cowboy film star Gene Autry was Larry’s inspiration for the album’s title track.
Striking an artful balance is a bevy of great new songs. “Take Me Back to West Virginia” is a nostalgic longing for home that rivals Larry’s other “state” songs (“Tennessee 1949” and “Blue Virginia Blues”). Songwriters Gary Ferguson and Shane Sullivan penned “Henry Hill,” a musical narrative that encapsulates a Confederate soldier’s hopes and fears during the 1861 Battle of Manassas. “Annie’s Boy,” written by prolific bluegrass songwriters Bill Castle and Dee Gaskin, puts a different face on armed conflict by tracing a mother’s love for her boy as he journeys from nursery to high school, to a train that takes him off to war, and his final return on an airport tarmac draped in red, white and blue. No Larry Sparks album is complete without a few sacred numbers. In response to fan requests for several gospel favorites that were not currently available, Larry offers fresh interpretations of “New Highway” and “Green Pastures in the Sky.”
The Lonesome Ramblers appearing on New Moon Over My Shoulder are – like the songs – a mixture of tried-and-true and new. Michael Feagan has fiddled with Larry Sparks for over a decade and lists Father of Bluegrass Bill Monroe as a former employer; Ron Stewart is a former IBMA fiddle AND banjo Player of the Year; and bass player Matthew Madden has a long history with Larry Sparks. Adding youthful perspectives are newcomers Jeff Clair and Evan Wilson who share mandolin duties.
Larry Sparks proves – once again – that he is a consummate bluegrass performer. It’s all here: soulful singing, riveting guitar work, an engaging selection of songs, and deft instrumental and vocal backing by one of the best groups in the business


  • Larry Sparks
  • Jeff Clair
  • Evan Wilson
  • Ron Stewart
  • Michael Feagan
  • Matthew Madden

Track Listing:

  • Down in Union County
  • I'm Really Leaving
  • henry Hill
  • Take Me Back to West Virginia
  • New Highway
  • I Was Wrong
  • Peacock Rag
  • There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
  • I Only Exist
  • Annie's Boy
  • Things Will Get Better
  • Green Pastures in the Sky