UNSPOKEN TRADITION 'Myths We Tell Our Young'   MH-1723-CD

UNSPOKEN TRADITION 'Myths We Tell Our Young' MH-1723-CD

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Unspoken Tradition is a rapid rising Bluegrass act arriving with a sense of urgency, set on evolving the genre into new territory. Myths We Tell Our Young, the band’s first release on the Mountain Home label, has already clocked success with its first singles achieving national radio charting, including a #1 song with “Dark Side of the Mountain.” Myths We Tell Our Young brings to light a band with the ability to update traditional music with originality that’s a result of authentic songwriting, fervent musicianship and vocals that combine bluesy growl with country purity.


  • Audie McGinnis – guitar and vocals
  • Lee Shuford -bass and vocals
  • Zane McGinnis – banjo
  • Ty Gilpin – mandolin and vocals
  • Tim Gardner – fiddle and vocals

Track Listing:

  • Nothing But Sky
  • Land
  • Force of Nature
  • Dark Side of the Mountain
  • Uncharted Territory
  • I Say Let’s Go (Colorado)
  • Lonesome’s Gonna Be Here
  • Light Just One Candle
  • Cold Mountain Town
  • The Mountains Win Again